As a long time Alaskan I was very disappointed in our last legislative session. The coalition in the senate seemed more interested in avoiding voting on the major issues than representing the people of Alaska. We Alaskans expect our state senate to debate and vote on the issues important to us. Our senate failed to do so on ACES, the gas pipelines and other critical issues. That is why I am running to represent West Anchorage in the state senate. I promise I will do everything possible to see that the senate debates and votes on important issues. Alaskans should expect nothing less.


For Immediate Release: State Troopers have cleared Bob Bell of all bogus hunting charges.

For Immediate Release: APOC Final Order, direct quote from Paul Dauphenais (Executive Director of APOC) “Mr. Bell was very cooperative. Whenever we asked him for something, for records to review, he was very forthcoming. He responded to us promptly, brought things into our office to review.”

We know the issues Alaskans are really concerned about are:

Jobs: We need quality education and training programs to prepare our youth to enter the work force and make it possible for them to remain in Alaska and raise their families. We need a strong economy in order to accomplish this goal.

Filling the Pipeline: I’ll use my many years of business experience and negotiating skills to work out an oil tax plan that will incentivize production and fill the pipeline, while making sure we Alaskans get our fair share.

State Spending: Currently, the state is spending more each year than it can afford. We have about $40 billion in savings and about $100 billion in oil value in the ground. That means we can spend about $5 billion a year using earnings only. We are spending more than that so we are dipping into the principal of our savings. We also should use zero based funding.

Education Funding: We need to find a better way to fund education. The Legislature waits until the last minute to tell the school districts what they will receive in funding. Therefore, they have no way to budget without guessing. We need to forward fund education. We also need to inflation-proof the funding formula.

Public Safety: We need to increase funding for state troopers and public safety. The first duty of any government is public safety and, therefore, it should have first priority in funding.

Government Regulations: The state over regulates Alaska’s businesses and duplicates a lot of federal and local regulations. We need to review all state regulations and regulatory agencies to make them more efficient and business friendly.

Fish and Game Management: Currently the Federal government has management authority for fish and game on federal lands in Alaska. We are the only state in the union where this is happening. The state needs to renew its litigation on this issue and kick the Feds out.

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